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Explore Multiple Disciplines

Quick Tips for College Freshmen: Explore Multiple Disciplines

Even if you’re completely sure about your choice of major, it’s still a good idea to explore multiple disciplines, and your freshman year in college is a great time to start. There’s usually less room in your academic schedule to fit in classes from other departments the further along you get in your major, so take the time to explore […]

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Lesser-Known Psychology Fields

The Road Little Traveled: Lesser-Known Psychology Fields

Guest Author: Karah Snyderman
Perhaps when you think of psychology, you imagine someone lying on a leather sofa, hands folded on his stomach, facing away from a well-dressed, distinguished-looking older man with a clipboard and a pen who’s jotting down notes as they talk. The patient is unburdening himself, maybe sniffling a little. This is certainly one aspect of the multifaceted psychology field, but it’s in no way at all comprehensive.

In fact, today there are more niches in psychology than ever before. As psychology has become more prominent and the stigma of seeking out a personal psychologist has eroded (in fact, it’s almost chic to have a therapist anymore), the field has become saturated with eager and inquisitive new students, who focus on popular subfields like clinical, social and even forensic psychology. What’s really beyond the therapist’s couch, you wonder? The answer is: some interesting and lesser-known careers in psychology.

Sports Psychology
Nothing is more exciting in the sports world than two big talents with big personalities clashing on the field. And in fact, personality is one area of study within the sport psychology field. Sport psych is defined as a multidisciplinary science that fuses psychology with Kinesiology, which is the study of human movement. Broadly, the field analyzes how the participation in sports effects both the mind and the body; sport psychologists also seek to explore how the honing and development of psychological skills affects athletic performance. For example, a sport psychologist might be interested in how goal-setting and imagery affects individual performance and final outcome during a big game. Yet sport psychology is also interested in coaching, team building and youth sport.

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4 BAD Reasons to Choose a Major

College students will often reference a combination of reasons for choosing their major, including interest, job requirements, salary, etc. Making your major selection based on a combination of factors is expected – and a good idea. On the other hand, choosing your major based solely on one criteria can lead to frustration! Here are 4 BAD reasons to choose your major:

  1. Your parents made you do it
    It’s great to have parental support for the major decisions you make, but if the only reason you are choosing a particular major, or career, is that your parents wanted you to choose it, you’re likely in for disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, your parents probably know you quite well, and their opinion counts. Just don’t base your decision solely on their opinion…or entirely on anyone else’s, for that matter.
  2. It’s what your best friend/significant other chose
    You probably have quite a bit in common with your friends, but don’t assume that the right major for them will be the right major for you. That said, it can be really helpful to ask your friends about their department culture, course load, faculty and overall satisfaction with their major. If you’re unsure about choosing a particular major, this information may help you make a decision.
  3. (more…)

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