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Leverage College Career Centers in Your Job Search

Guest Author: CareerAlley
Website: http://CareerAlley.com

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” – Francis Bacon

There’s nothing like great advice, especially if it is free. Of course, that is what the Internet is all about. In the “old days” (like when I went to college), the only way to get to your college career center was to visit it on campus. Now, most (if not all) career centers at colleges and universities have an online site. So, this not only gives you access to your college career center but potentially, to every college career center. Why, you may ask, do you care? Let’s face it. The only reason people go to college is to enable them to enter the field of their choice. If college did not help you get into the field of your choice, no one would go. College career centers are designed to help you enter the workforce (or change jobs). Not convinced? Maybe today’s post will change your mind on the value of college career centers. (more…)

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