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Questions Answered: I’m on academic probation; will I still get a job?

academic_probationQuestion: I am finishing my freshman year in college as a computer science major. I did really well in high school and have always been a good student (like 4.0 from sophomore to senior year in hs) but suddenly I am failing!! I am now on academic probation and if I don’t raise my gradse then I’d be kicked out! My classmates and parents tell me this will make it impossible to get an internship or get a job. Will this ruin my chances to get a internship or a job??? ~ Ju-won P., Portland, OR

Answer: First things, first. We need to determine the root cause of your failing grades. In the long run, employers care most about a continuous pattern of behavior. If this academic year is just an anomaly, (i.e., it never happens again), then the negative impact of this year’s low grades will be minimal. However, if you are not able to identify what caused your grades to drop this year, are not able to remedy the situation, and therefore continue with a pattern of low grades, then yes, your chances of finding internships and jobs will be negatively impacted.

There are many different reasons why grades can suddenly suffer. Here are just a few possible reasons why grades could suddenly drop and tips for pulling your grades back up.

1. Too much autonomy – As a first year student, you may be adjusting to having a lot more autonomy and not having teachers “nag” you about getting homework or assignments done.

  • Consider working with your school’s learning center to develop effective time management skills that will match your needs and personality.
  • You may also want to connect with a trusted friend or family member to act as an accountability partner to help you stay on task.


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Questions Answered: What address should I use on my resume?

Question: I go to school in a different state than I live.  I am applying for internships in both my home state and where my school is. What address should I use on my resume? – Angela, California AND New Hampshire Answer: Great question, Angela. You can actually include BOTH addresses on the resume in the header of your document. […]

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Quick Tips for College Freshmen: Use free and reduced-cost resources

In our last tip, we encouraged using your faculty’s office hours. Let’s keep with the theme of using the resources at your finger tips. With a little bit of research, you’ll likely find a LOT of very helpful resources on campus, and best of all – they’re probably FREE! Resources vary from campus to campus, so ask around at your institution. Here’s a sampling of the types of services that are likely available for you:

  • Your recreation/wellness center probably gives you free, or low-cost, access to fitness equipment, the pool, and a variety of wellness classes.


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Take advantage of faculty office hours!

Quick Tips for College Freshmen: Use your faculty’s office hours.

Yes, we’re really serious on this one! Most of your faculty set up weekly office hours.  Here are just a few reasons to meet with them: Ask specific questions about assignments or the course. Receive feedback on your progress. Get academic advising. If you’re interested in a their particular field or career path, you might be able to pick the […]

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