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From Student to Professional, an Interview with Darcy Eikenberg

We had the opportunity to interview Darcy Eikenberg, founder of career and success site RedCapeRevolution.com, about how college students can best make the transition from student to professional.

SC: Making the transition from college student to professional can be a daunting one. What should young professionals keep in mind as they make this transition?

DE: The most important thing to know is that even though you’re no longer in school, you’re still learning. Don’t believe the graduation hype that says you’re fully prepared for the world of work—you’re not. Yet. (Sorry.)

What you are fully prepared for, though, is to continue to learn and grow, and to discover and test new ways to apply your gifts and talents. In fact, many of the same rules that made you a successful learner in college still apply. Study hard. Ask questions. Play nice with others. Get involved. Get some rest.

You’ve been doing this for the past four (or more) years in college, so you’re already a veteran learner. Congratulations! Those who are constantly learning and growing are the ones who are succeeding in our new world of work.

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