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12 Tips for a Successful Move-in Day

Move-in day is just around the corner for thousands of college students. Here are some tips for making move-in day a success: Know your residence’s policies well in advance of move-in day, and make sure your parents are well aware of them, too. Many well-meaning parents have tried to bring, install, or move things that aren’t allowed. Label your boxes […]

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Quick Tips for College Freshmen: Use free and reduced-cost resources

In our last tip, we encouraged using your faculty’s office hours. Let’s keep with the theme of using the resources at your finger tips. With a little bit of research, you’ll likely find a LOT of very helpful resources on campus, and best of all – they’re probably FREE! Resources vary from campus to campus, so ask around at your institution. Here’s a sampling of the types of services that are likely available for you:

  • Your recreation/wellness center probably gives you free, or low-cost, access to fitness equipment, the pool, and a variety of wellness classes.


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Take advantage of faculty office hours!

Quick Tips for College Freshmen: Use your faculty’s office hours.

Yes, we’re really serious on this one! Most of your faculty set up weekly office hours.  Here are just a few reasons to meet with them: Ask specific questions about assignments or the course. Receive feedback on your progress. Get academic advising. If you’re interested in a their particular field or career path, you might be able to pick the […]

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Five Career Tips for College Freshman

Guest Author: CareerAlley
Website: http://careerAlley.com

If you are a college freshman, time is on your side. How, you may ask? Well for one, hopefully the job market will be better in four years. And for another, you have 4 years to do all of the things you really need to do to set yourself apart from your classmates and the millions of other people that are competing for jobs. I know some college grads that are working in liquor stores or as cashiers in clothing stores. I don’t think this is where you want to work when you graduate (not that there is anything wrong with that). You need to position yourself now to be in the best bargaining position 3 and 4 years from now. Now is your chance to get ahead of the game rather than wishing you had been more diligent. So where to start? Take a read.

  • Internships: There are all different types of internships, the important thing is to ensure you participate as often as possible. There are summer internships and internships where you participate part time while you are in school (like c0-operative programs). Obviously the best internships go the quickest, but if you do your homework now (no pun intended), you can get a head start. If you don’t already know, internships give you practical experience before you get out into the working world. This experience is invaluable. Additionally, many graduating college students get their best leads (and sometimes jobs) from previous internships. And last, but not least, the connections you will make can make a huge difference in your career (read below). ==>> Students: 6 Best Ways to Get a Summer Internship


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