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Tips for College Students on Google+, Part 2

Make Your Updates Public One of my favorite features on Google+ is circles because I love the control they give me in filtering my stream, and the ability to choose with whom I share content. On the other hand, another great feature of Google+ is the ability to make your status updates discoverable. By this I mean that I appreciate […]

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Tips for College Students on Google+

Your Profile – Include a professional-looking image of yourself. If you’ve got a number of other social profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), it helps to use the same image across all of them. – Fill out as much information as possible. If you’re searching for employment, such as internships, full time or part time jobs, mention this in your Introduction, along […]

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Sweet Careers on Google+

We’ve been waiting since June for Google to open up G+ to brands. With Google announcing Google+ for brand pages the other day, we were anxious to get started! Are you a G+ user? Remember to add us to your circles:https://plus.google.com/b/102669326417455919962/. In coming weeks, we’ll be exploring how college students, and job seekers in general, can get the most of […]

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