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Guest Author: Job Hunting Season is Open, Take Aim for Targeted Job Search

By: CareerAlley
January (January 5th this year) marks the official opening of the Job Hunting Season. The season typically ends at the end of November and becomes really quiet from Christmas through New Years Day. Most people are back to work on Monday, November 5th and we all get serious about work again after winding down over the holidays. Most companies have finalized their 2009 budgets and know their hiring needs. So do you have your “weapons of job search” ready to go? Time to review some recruiter websites. (more…)

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Guest Author: Job Search Tip: Complete the Entire Job Application

By: The Medical Sales Recruiter

Latest story: A hiring manager I am working with in medical sales asked for a completed job application, rather than just a resume. The job is a 65 -75k base, with another 45k up for grabs in commissions. Nothing to sneeze at, surely. When the manager reviewed the application, he discovered that the candidate didn’t fill out the references area or any of the money questions. (You do leave this stuff off a resume, but not off an application when they are specifically asked for.) The manager that that was weird, so the candidate was out. If it had been just one or the other, he probably would have just asked for the info. But both seemed fishy to him, and not worth the risk.


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Guest Author: 4 More Habits of Highly Ineffective Job Seekers

By: Kevin Donlin [Recently], I [wrote] about three habits of highly ineffective job seekers. [Now] here’s the final installment: four more bad habits that can wreck your career. Have a look below to see if you’re practicing any. If so, drop these habits now, and you may start getting more calls from employers tomorrow … Habit 1) Say “But” instead […]

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Guest Author – Is a Truck Driving Job Right for You?

By: Randall Olson If you’re looking for a high demand career field, like to travel, and find the idea of driving for a living appealing, a truck driving job might be the perfect career choice for you. There are many job opportunities in the truck driving field, particularly for individuals interested over the road driving opportunities. Job prospects are also […]

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