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How to Raise Your Visibility Within Your Organization

Guest Author: Peggy McKee, The Medical Sales Recruiter
Website: http://phcconsulting.com/WordPress

It’s common for me to get questions from folks in higher-level sales positions or semi-supervisory positions (maybe National Accounts Managers, etc.), maybe interviewing for Regional Accounts Manager positions, who want to know how to differentiate themselves so that they will be the ones who get tapped for promotions. There’s a lot of advice out there about these kinds of things, and certainly your sales performance has to be solid to even put you in the running. I provide custom consulting at this level, too, but to get you started, here are 9 ways to raise your visibility within your organization and build your personal brand:

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No Degree, No Problem!

Guest Author: Brett Stevens
Website: http://www.searchlogixgroup.com

According to a recent survey, 52% of job candidates polled lied on their resume about having a college degree.

Here are 3 brief horror stories:

A new Director of Logistics and his family were actually loading the moving van provided by his new employer for relocation from California to North Carolina. The phone rang and it was the Human Resource Manager from his new company. The offer was being withdrawn. Through a routine degree verification check, the company learned the potential new employee did not have a degree. He was 3 hours short of graduating. Had the candidate been honest, the job was still his. It was an integrity issue.

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Gimme a side o’ GRUMPY with that CRABBY!

Image from Cafe Grumpy

This ever happen to you? You’re in a pretty decent mood when all of a sudden you encounter someone who clearly woke up on the wrong side of the continent – maybe a co-worker, a roommate, a family member, someone in the checkout line. You interact with them for all of 1 minute and the next thing you know, you’re feeling crispier than burnt toast. How did that happen? Why did it happen? Did it even need to happen? Like an infectious disease in those scary outbreak movies, that individual’s bad attitude has infected you. What’s even worse is now you’re going to infect the people around you, likely in your workplace. Fortunately, there is an antidote. (more…)

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