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I hate my job

Questions Answered: I hate my new job! Can I start looking for another one?

Question: I graduated in May of last year and accepted pretty much the first job offer I got. I’ve been in this job for less than 6 months and I hate it! I know I should be grateful to have a job, but is it ok if I start looking for another job? – Morgan, South Dakota Answer: Morgan, you’re […]

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Job search: Your secret weapon

We’ve heard, (and given), a lot of job search advice over the years, often related to effective networking, staying organized, using technology, or preparing strong application materials. However, there’s a major aspect of the job search that is often overlooked by job seekers and career professionals alike – the power of an active support network. In this case, we’re not necessarily talking about your professional network, although there could be some overlap. Your support network includes trusted friends, family members, mentors, professors, classmates, and colleagues who may or may not know much about your field or your industry, but are personally invested in you and your success. These are the people who have come along side you to brain storm about choosing a major, stay up late to chat about whether or not to accept this internship or that, and go out of their way to encourage you when your job search is taking longer than you anticipated. These are the folks who may seem nosy, at times, checking in on you about your future plans and calling to make sure you’re eating well and getting enough exercise! For the most part, they are well-meaning; in fact, they are your secret weapon when it comes to your job or internship search. (more…)

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The Toughest Job of All – Finding a Job

Guest Author: John Feldmann is a Sourcing Analyst for Insperity Recruiting Services, specializing in employment branding and advertising.
Website: http://twitter.com/john_feldmann

Every year, thousands of new college grads emerge from academia, filled with optimism, ready to enter the next stage of their lives. But the first step is often the hardest – finding a job, or better yet, a career. The task of finding a job is a full-time job in itself, and how are you supposed to know the dos and don’ts of job hunting if you’ve never actually done it? Alright, so you worked as a lifeguard last summer, and sold jeans at The Gap during high school. But now, you’re looking for a career – a job that will support you, pay off your student loans, act as the first step to reaching your professional goals, and ideally, draw upon the knowledge and education you acquired in school.

Several years ago, long before I began working for my present employer, I went through a period of unemployment. I spent every day searching the internet job boards for positions for which I might be a good fit, and sending personalized cover letters and resumes tailored to each position. But as months went by, I got little or no response, and as my frustration grew, my standards continued to lower with regard to required qualifications and salary.

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