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Questions Answered: Help! My son’s a college senior and hasn’t started job searching.

“My son is a senior in college and he hasn’t started his job search yet. I can’t seem to get him to get in high gear. I’m tempted to write his resume for him and just start sending it around but I’m pretty sure that’s a bad idea.Any suggestions?”

First of all, let me say that your son is fortunate to have a parent who is so invested in his future. You are right, however, that it would NOT be a good idea for you to write his resume for him, or to conduct his job search on his behalf.

There may be a number of factors contributing to your son’s apparent disinterest in starting his job search.

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Questions Answered – Letters of Recommendation

I was recently asked whether it was better to have a strong letter of recommendation for graduate school from a professor in a different major (who has observed and supervised your academic work), or a positive but not strong letter from a faculty person in your major. Personally, I would go with the stronger letter, even though the faculty person […]

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