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Angry woman

Quick Tips: Keep Your Rants Off Social Media

You’ve probably read a few of them; maybe you’ve even shared or re-tweeted a few – We’re talking about those epic rants from celebrities, disgruntled employees, or friends on social media that are, well, quite entertaining.  But as funny as they can sometimes be, public rants can also be very damaging.  Here are a few tips for keeping yourself from hurting your […]

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Quick Tip: Don’t Miss Early Internship Deadlines

Even though classes have barely started, there are a number of internship (and job) deadlines that come very early in the fall. Opportunities in consulting, government and journalism, to name a few, can have application deadlines as early as September! Head to your campus career center within the first weeks of class and attend any orientation sessions provided. Plan to […]

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Put on your underwear!

Quick Tip: Put on your underwear!

Yes, I really am being serious. As the weather begins to warm up, people have a tendency to start wearing fewer clothing items. It might be stylish and perhaps more comfortable to go commando and/or bra-less when lounging around home or with friends, but when you’re networking, interviewing, or going to work, remember to put on your under garments, and […]

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Use a non-college email address

Quick Tip: Stop using your .edu email address

By senior year, if you haven’t already done so, you should stop using your .edu email address on application materials. Some universities deactivate your email accounts shortly after graduation. Moreover, you want employers to become accustomed to contacting you at your non-college address and thinking of you as a new professional, not a college student. Of course, be sure the email […]

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